Midwest Roots, Creative Soul

Hey there! I’m Andria Vetick, founder of Andria V Design Co. I’m located in Lincoln, Nebraska. For as long as I can remember, creativity has always inspired me. I thrive when I’m being most creative.

Rooted in the Midwest, I understand that hard work and core values are the foundation of any successful business. I create and cultivate designs that reflect your personal business goals and values.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design from the University of Nebraska—Lincoln and 10 years of professional experience, I am confident I can take your project to the next level, no matter how big or small. It all starts with strategy. I get told to ‘make it look pretty’ often, but I believe design goes further than that. All aspects of a brand, from the logo, to the business card, to the website, are all methods of communication and an opportunity for your brand to connect with your audience. This is what makes your brand memorable and creates loyal customers. Whether you’re looking for a custom logo + branding, in need a new website, flyer, brochure, or social media graphics for your business, I’m here to help! Now booking clients locally in Nebraska and globally. 



My approach is all about putting service first and blending ethical, strategic marketing, and design. I believe in keeping it simple—less is more. In everything I do, I make sure to cater to your specific needs with a thoughtful touch. By integrating these principles, I create solutions that not only look good but are also ethical, strategic, and elegantly simple.

This personalized approach ensures a distinctive and impactful presence in the market, aligning with your values. It’s not just about design and marketing; it’s about creating a real and lasting connection with your audience.


I am truly inspired by my clients and would love to learn more about your passion!