What is a Brand Identity?

May 27, 2023 | Branding

Brand identity refers to the collection of visual and verbal elements that represent a brand and help distinguish it from competitors. It encompasses the brand’s personality, values, and unique attributes, and is designed to create a consistent and recognizable brand image.

Here are some examples of elements that make up a brand identity:



The logo is a graphical mark or symbol that represents the brand. It serves as a visual identifier and is often the most recognizable element of a brand’s identity. Examples include the Nike swoosh, the Apple logo, and the Coca-Cola script.


Color Palette

A brand’s color palette consists of the specific colors used consistently across all brand materials. Colors evoke emotions and associations, and selecting the right color scheme helps establish a brand’s personality. For example, McDonald’s uses bright red and yellow, while Google utilizes a vibrant and diverse color palette.



The choice of fonts and typography contributes to a brand’s visual identity. It helps convey the brand’s tone and style. Examples include the bold and rounded typography of Spotify or the clean and minimalistic fonts used by Apple.


Imagery and Photography Style

The type of imagery and photography used in a brand’s visual identity adds to its overall aesthetic. It can include specific types of visuals, such as illustrations, lifestyle photography, or abstract images. Airbnb, for instance, uses authentic and diverse photography to showcase its global community.


Tone of Voice

The tone of voice refers to the style, language, and messaging used in brand communications. It defines how a brand speaks and engages with its audience. For example, the casual and friendly tone of voice of brands like Wendy’s on social media sets them apart.


Brand Messaging

Brand messaging includes the key messages, taglines, and brand statements that communicate the brand’s value proposition and unique selling points. Examples include Nike’s “Just Do It” or Apple’s “Think Different.”


Visual Guidelines

Brand identity guidelines provide instructions and standards for using brand elements consistently across different channels. They include guidelines on logo usage, color specifications, typography, and other visual and verbal elements.

These examples demonstrate how different components come together to create a cohesive and distinctive brand identity. It’s important for a brand’s identity to be consistent across all touchpoints to ensure a strong and recognizable brand presence.

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