All About Logo Variations

Sep 4, 2022 | Branding, Graphic Design

Why do I need more than one logo?

Each logo serves a unique purpose in how you are presenting your business. When you only have a primary logo, you’re sacrificing quality of design, instead of having a seamless brand experience. One size doesn’t always fit in all spaces. There is no doubt that having a full brand identity with a family of logos will benefit your business much more efficiently and effectively for a very long time.

Primary Logo

The primary logo is the main identifying mark for your business. This is best used for website banners, large displays, brochures and signage. 

Secondary logo

This is often referred to as an alternate logo. In this logo, elements of the primary logo are arranged in a different composition. It allows you to use your logo more effectively in different design settings. For example, in black and white or when you need something that displays well at low resolutions. In addition, it is usually more simple and compact than your primary logo. 


Also known as a sub mark, this final type of logo is the most simplified, compact mark of the logo family. For example, it often pulls in an icon or initials that can stand alone as an identifying mark. Brandmarks are best used as fav icons, social media profile images, watermarks on images and footers of websites. It also works well for interior pages of a pricing guide or ebook. 

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